India is one of the largest producer of rice in the world. Different varieties of rice used for making several dishes are available here including white, brown , black, parboiled, basmati and jasmine rice.

Spices makes every food tastier and gives flavors to them . All kinds of spices used for different purposes are available here including Cardamom, Black Pepper, Mustard seeds, Turmeric etc.

Darjeeling tea is known for it's Muscatel flavour (or a musky spiciness). Multiple flavor of Darjeeling tea are available here including Green, Black, Herbal, Oolong, White, Yellow, Fermented tea.

What can be more refreshing than a beverage? All kinds of beverages are available here including Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Fresh Juices, Sodas and Indian beverages including Lassi, Aam panna, Jal jeera etc.

Milk contains some of the most essentials vitamins and we export every type of dairy product including Butter, Cheese, Ghee, Yogurt, Eggs, Buttermilk, Cream, Curd etc.

Multiple food items of different types and tastes are available here including Enery Bars, Dried Fruits, Ketchup, Chips and all types of fruits and vegetables.

All types of textile goods are available here including Wool, Silk, Cotton, Jute and synthtic textiles including nylon, polyester, acrylic, velvet, printed cotton, calico, felt, satin, hessian.

"Your footwear are the the first thing that people subconsciously notice about you". We provide all varieties of high quality footwear including shoes, heels, slippers, sandals, boots etc.